Learn how a website can reduce your Covid-19 anxiety

The novel coronavirus that has impacted so many Americans and changed so many lives around the world has created plenty of anxiety. Although we are continuing to move forward and battle through these hard times there’s no denying the fact that we have all gotten a bit more stressed out in our day-to-day lives. Although it will take time for us to move on and potentially reduce our biggest fears and anxieties there is one way to temporarily deal with your anxiety. A new website has been released that allows users to send a message/vent has seen an increase in traffic. The idea is that you type a message and it will later be published without individual information. In fact, there is no analytics taking place on this website which means much of the architecture/systems that gather information on most websites is not being implemented which essentially provides anonymity (to an extent). In any case, we see this website as a great opportunity to get something off your chest or talk about that person in your life that you could do without. Feel free to check it out and get something off your chest.