We have worked with clients across mediums to develop professional marketing campaigns based on metric results and research.

The web is Earth’s most powerful form of communication. Our mission is to leverage digital marketing to help organizations acquire tangible results. We’re building Digital Platforms that empower marketing teams to take control of their websites and gain the agility necessary to win in today’s digital marketing environment. With 960 Design, marketers create iterations, learn, and experiment with their websites in the same way they do with virtually every other marketing technology.

Our approach to web design is a practical one, whereby updates are seamless and overall digital experiences are well calibrated to deliver high performance. We see the Open Web as a tool that can be leveraged and we realize that to survive as the earth’s most powerful communication tool, we must fix the way websites are built and operated. 960 Design now powers hundreds of sites, quickly approaching a million page views a month.

To provide novel, innovative, integrated, and effective brand marketing and public relations solutions which help our clients grow their businesses and achieve their marketing goals.
To deliver results-oriented research-based brand marketing and public relations campaigns that enhance brand awareness, improve sales, and foster growth.
We effectively recognize the value of information and your right to confidentiality. That’s why we are committed to protecting your project information.
After we begin working with a client we ensure complete transparency in our process and build trust by providing regular updates on the project.


  • We’re Here To Serve Our Clients
    Our commitment to our clients is deeply ingrained in our company culture – and we go the extra mile every day to prove it.
  • We Get to Know Your Business
    We keep abreast of what’s going on in your business and ours — so we can deliver the best marketing solutions possible.
  • We’re Passionate About What We Do
    We never lose sight of what matters most: our relationship with our clients. We only succeed when our clients succeed.
  • We Have People Skills
    We like to have fun, but we’re also focused on what we do. We have strong opinions but can also embrace insight and feedback. We know our craft, but also understand that clients know their business.
  • We Have A Multimedia Approach
    We’re comfortable working across technologies, time zones, and mediums to help clients achieve marketing solutions that are effective.
  • We Are Creative, But Focused
    We produce results, but we always keep campaign objectives in focus.
  • We Make Things Right
    We recommend strategies that make sense, even if it means less money in our pocket. We find the most cost-effective methods to achieve client goals.
  • We Are Results-Oriented
    Pure and simple, that’s what we and our clients care about most – the bottom line! Creativity is great – but tangible results are even better. We use a variety of methods to measure results for marketing campaigns to deliver a transparent effective results.



We meet with the client to learn more about their marketing goals.


We meet with the client to learn more about their marketing goals. We create an agreement outlining the scope of work and all associated parameters.

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We perform an audit of all content associated with the project.


We perform an audit of all content associated with the project (this includes but is not limited to logo design, photography, copy writing, etc.).

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Next, we create the elements of a brand based on clients creative vision.


Next, we move the pieces in place for your brand by developing content to create a game-winning web design strategy.

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Lastly, we combine all curated content and work with client to revise and finalize.


Lastly, we combine the elements from the previous stages to deliver an initial concept and finalize the design through the revision process.

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We’ve developed websites for a broad range of companies around Northern California. Clients love our down to earth approach to web design and appreciate our attentive and responsive customer support services. As we progress, our goal is to deliver the same steadfast tech support to every client regardless of size.

Logos Designed
Live Websites
Available Uptime


We build and support websites built on or around WordPress. We understand how to implement best practice methods to leverage the technology and empower our clients.

HTML 5 is the latest coding standard in web design and allows us to implement powerful new elements with less reliance on Javascript. We utilize HTML to build websites from scratch, create custom elements, or modify templates or widgets.

Ever since CSS burst on to the web development scene it has become an important aspect of web design. CSS allows us to create consistent cohesive styling that makes websites look and function in a professional manner.

We create websites with powerful features and API functionality which is essential for many larger businesses. This allows websites to communicate with other software and can enhance the way a business renders and interacts with databases.