In many cases, businesses will have different designers put together different marketing elements which results in a disorganized and haphazard approach to marketing.

Do I Even Have A Vector Logo?

File Extensions

A quick way to figure out if your logo is vector is by looking at the format it is in (.AI, .EPS, .PDF) are usually best. Most printers, especially wide-format printers, prefer a vector logo and will render a low-resolution product or a design fee to improve the quality.

Professional Artist

Every professional graphic designer will render a vector logo because it is the industry standard. If you are not sure about your logo send the file to a professional. A designer will quickly distinguish whether the file is vector quality logo.

Visual Quality

If you happen to have a PDF file of your logo zoom in many times, if your logo is vector it will never lose quality. If you zoom in and start to see any pixelation you have a raster logo and should consult the original designer for more information.

Advantages of Vector Logo Design


The artwork can be scaled as large or small as needed without jeopardizing the quality (from a billboard to a business card).


Modifying or editing your logo down the road is a lot easier because your vector file keeps everything accessible, organized, and editable.


If you need to use your logo across mediums your logo can be adapted much easier (Video, Digital, Print).


Your logo will display consistent styling throughout your marketing which implies professionalism, integrity, and service quality.

How Much Does A Logo Cost?

When I started this agency I would constantly talk to many of the designers in this area to learn from them and get insight about the industry. Early in my career I spoke to Marian Brady and I asked her how much she charged for a logo and she asked me “How much do you pay for a car?” She then elaborated but the principle was simple a logo can take you places and just like a car how far you get is largely dependent on how much your willing to invest in it. A logo like a fleet vehicle for a business is a catalyst for the overall business and can literally make or break a company.

What If I Just Need Vectorization?

Many times businesses have a decent logo and even a great concept but it needs to be recreated with vector formatting. Having a logo designed by an amateur will cost you greatly as designers across industries (sign shops, web designers, screenprinters, etc) will charge you every time to prepare your artwork for production – ultimately hampering the whole process and costing you more money. Standard practice when designing a logo is to create it in vector software like Adobe Illustrator or something comparable.

Why Professional Designers Are Better Than DIY Logo Builders

A professional logo designer values quality above all else. They imbue your brand with a unique identity that’s all you. They create something that is sure to keep people talking about you and your business for years to come.

They are constantly pushing the envelope and thinking up many ways to put their immaculate designing skills to use. Professional logo designers come up with concepts, customize the solution, incorporate some influences and

touches to create a logo design that enhances your brand’s identity. Using a professional graphic designers is most important for small businesses because it creates a unique identity.