Tensor IT Website Design

Every client has needs that are custom to their service or industry and our goal is to cater to these needs. We designed this website in 2014 for an IT Company in Humboldt County. The website was designed to integrate with their internal software infrastructure as well as allow their clients to access their portal. The client needed a custom built website and they opted for a website developed in html and without a CMS framework. We implemented consistent elements and visuals to convey the brand and it’s services in a way that unified their marketing.

  • Custom HTML

  • Custom CSS

  • Social Media Integrated

  • Custom Software

Brochure Design

When we approached Tensor IT, they we’re unsure as to what they wanted on their brochure but they knew they wanted a visual presentation of their services as a marketing tool for sales representatives. A way to help their potential customers and current customers visualize their services. We designed the brochure to engage their audience, a design that helped convey the different services they offered and the different sub services of their various services. We perfected the copy by working with the client to fully understand the various services and our ability to organize these various elements in a harmonious and engaging fashion.


Your brand is a promise. It’s what you believe in, what you stand for, and your commitment. From strategy to execution, we help organizations tell their story in a consistent and compelling manner.